Corey Wilson hopes to make BREC a uniting force

    As a kid growing up in New Orleans, BREC Superintendent Corey Wilson says he benefited in a big way from the local parks.

    “Not really having a father at the home, it shaped my character to be able to go to parks and be part of sports teams and work with coaches,” Wilson tells 225 in a new feature. “Parks bring communities together.”

    Wilson says he wants to grow the ways the parks system can help Baton Rouge communities as he takes over the organization following the January retirement of superintendent Carolyn McKnight.

    Read the full 225 Q&A with fWilson, here’s a sample of what you’ll find:

    What’s the biggest issue facing BREC right now?

    “Our biggest issue is no different from any other government entity in that funding is always a concern. There’s never enough funds to [deal with] the multitude of issues the public wants. For example, to redesign the zoo at a new site would have been $100 million, and to create major changes at the LSU Lakes, which is arguably one the most visited recreational sites in the region, is $40 million to $50 million. One of the ways we plan to address this challenge is by leveraging tax dollars with private partners and philanthropic sources of funding.”


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