Check out the top five most expensive homes on the Baton Rouge market 

    While the emergence of the pandemic last year made sellers second-guess putting their homes on the market, that reluctance has since receded. There’s been an influx of homes on the market with a multimillion-dollar price tag, though that doesn’t mean there’s been a surge in multimillion-dollar buyers. It takes a special kind of buyer, often one with a lot of cash upfront, to consider homes in this price range, says real estate veteran Quita Cutrer.

    This year’s most expensive home on the market is the two-time-list-topping former estate of Paula Pennington de la Bretonne on Highland Road. Listing prices for the most expensive homes are considerably higher this year and many of them could have topped the list in previous years. 

    Take a look at the five highest-priced homes on the market as of mid-June from the latest edition of Business Report.