Cajun Dan’s Gourmet Fine Foods gives meals a kick with low sodium

    “Cajun” Dan Abraham considers himself a serial entrepreneur, after launching multiple businesses over the years in a variety of industries—including insurance, restaurants, couponing, and marketing and home restoration.

    As Business Report covers in its new Entrepreneur feature, Abraham was running a small business flipping homes when a friend suggested he start selling his homemade salsa. As a fan of spice, but not of red pepper, Abraham was also driven to start developing his own line of seasonings.

    He formed Cajun Dan’s Gourmet Fine Foods last year, and worked with the LSU Food Incubator to evaluate his products and fine-tune his nutritional, production and marketing processes.

    After visiting his mom in a senior facility, he recognized there was a gap in the seasoning market for low sodium flavors, which led him to begin developing a line of seasonings. “Foods in facilities like that and in hospitals have no flavor and people crave a salty taste.”

    In April, he joined Ochsner’s Eat Fit program, which markets healthy, local products, and he’s meeting with local grocers to have the line carried on store shelves. He also aims to strike deals with area hospitals, schools and nursing homes to use his seasonings in their kitchens.

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