BREC officials working to clean up parks; facilities remain closed

    BREC City Park (File photo)

    BREC crews began inspecting and clearing debris at all parks Monday following Hurricane Ida, but facilities will be closed until further notice. 

    There are trees down in multiple parks, according to BREC’s Instagram and Twitter, including Highland Road, Forest Community, Greenwood Community and Lovett Road parks.

    There is no estimate for how much cleanup will cost, says Cheryl Michelet, director of communications, but it will be significant, especially for debris removal. 

    There are many fallen trees and damaged fences, she says, especially around ball fields and tennis courts. The most significant damage is to the roof at the Anna T. Jordan Recreational Center, which Michelet believes is mostly wind damage. 

    There are power and internet outages everywhere, including at the main administration building at Womack Park, she says.

    Right now, she says, teams are going park to park and assessing damage, removing trees as needed and working with Entergy where there are fallen power lines.

    As for when facilities will reopen, Michelet says BREC’s superintendent is waiting to see if they can get the administrative building’s power on. There are currently maintenance, construction, recreation, golf and zoo crews working to get facilities up and running.