BRAC issues emergency preparedness checklist for businesses  

    Ahead of the June 1 official start to hurricane season, the Baton Rouge Area Chamber is releasing its annual recommendations to help businesses prepare for weather emergencies.

    In the event that a hurricane or other major weather event impacts the Baton Rouge Area, businesses should ensure the security of their people, as well as information, equipment, and resources essential to their operations and customers. They should also be prepared with the correct information for handling post-event recovery efforts.

    BRAC recommends that businesses:

    Have an evacuation plan that provides for everyone on the premises to leave the workplace safely and quickly;

    Maintain a list and contact information for all employees and mission-critical business partners;

    Establish a plan for contacting employees who have been displaced from their homes;

    Make clear arrangements for all staff to be able to contact the business or locate information about the business if it is temporarily closed or displaced;

    Establish procedures for succession of management;

    Identify operations critical to the company’s survival and recovery;

    Decide which personnel and what records, procedures and equipment are necessary to keep the business operating;

    Preserve vital business records, financial data, accounting records, personnel information, inventory information, etc.;

    Back up computerized records daily and store the backups, along with other vital records, at an off-site location;

    Prepare for lengthy power interruptions during and after a disaster;

    Should a federal emergency be declared resulting from a hurricane in our area, BRAC will issue specific contact information and physical locations for obtaining business disaster loans available through the SBA and any assistance programs offered through Louisiana state government.

    See BRAC’s full disaster preparedness information page.

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