Blame this morning’s I-10 traffic nightmare on a pothole

    Traffic backups for commuters traveling east on Interstate 10 this morning were made worse this morning after a pothole repair needing extra work brought traffic almost to a halt.

    The two-lane closure along I-10 near College Drive created a traffic jam that stretched some 18 miles by noon.

    The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development announced today in a press release that state contractor Coastal Bridge was completing a pothole patch on the interstate. Night time work is supposed to be completed before morning rush hour, however, the concrete patch did not set quickly enough, creating unsafe conditions.

    “The morning commute was frustrating for thousands of people,” DOTD Secretary Shawn Wilson says. “This was supposed to be an overnight job which would have minimized travel impacts.”

    Wilson says the contractor will be held accountable, and that, under state policies Coastal Bridge, will be charged for lane usage fees. Read the full news release from the DOTD.

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