Bill requiring EV chargers to use electricity from renewable sources paused

    Legislation that would have required electric vehicle chargers in Louisiana to use electricity from renewable sources was paused by its author on Tuesday, The Center Square reports.

    Rep. Troy Romero, R-Jennings, told the Committee on Commerce in the House of Representatives that charging stations using wind and solar energy was “a conversation that we need to have.”

    The intention of the bill was to bring awareness of how charging stations are currently powered, he says. 

    “Currently, electric charging stations are wired into the grid,” he says. “This means that every charging station is using fossil fuels currently. Over the last few years, we’ve heard about the new Green Deal and somehow, how driving an EV would save the world.

    “It’s obvious to me that saving the world would be to use 100% green energy to charge these vehicles. If we’re going to drive electric vehicles, we need to have a discussion on how they’re powered.”

    The state has 233 charging stations, according to Romero, and switching the stations to be powered by wind and solar energy would “create jobs and economic development.”

    General Motors and Entergy both filed cards opposing the bill. 

    “Entergy is certainly not getting into the infrastructure business of chargers more so than we got into the air conditioning business whenever we started selling more power to houses,” says Jody Montelaro, vice president of public affairs for Entergy Louisiana. 

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