Baton Rouge metro wages are 13% lower than national averages

    Workers in the Baton Rouge metro area had an average hourly wage of $21.73 in May 2018, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 13% lower than the nationwide average of $24.98. 

    Wages in the nine-parish Capital Region were lower in 19 of 22 occupational sectors than its respective national average, including the tech, legal and protective services sectors. 

    Those holding computer and math-related jobs, as well as legal jobs in the region last year, were paid nearly 30% lower than national averages. Wages for sales, protective services and maintenance jobs were more than 20% below national averages. 

    Only one Capital Region occupational group posted significantly higher wages than the national average: production, where the average hourly wage of $26.72 is 42% above the national averages. The only other occupational group that paid higher than the national average was farming, fishing and forestry. 

    Look at the full list of how Baton Rouge wages compare nationally.

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