Baton Rouge finance director stepping down

    Longtime city-parish Finance Director Marsha Hanlon is stepping down from her post and transitioning into retirement, though she will continue serving the department for an undetermined duration during the transition.

    Hanlon—who led the finance department for 12 years—will now “job-share” the position of interim finance director with her longtime assistant director, Linda Hunt, according to Mayor Sharon Weston Broome’s office, which oversees the finance department. It’s unclear how long Hanlon and Hunt will tag team the position.

    “An internal and external search for Marsha’s replacement is currently underway,” says spokesperson Rachel Haney.

    Technically, Hanlon retired in 2011 but returned to work under the retire-rehire policy. She is one of several high-profile city-parish staffers who fall under the retire-rehire policy, which allows retired employees to return to work on a part-time basis while collecting full retirement benefits.

    The policy came under scrutiny last year when a Metro Councilwoman launched a failed bid to end the retire-rehire practice, saying it hinders career advancement for other employees and efforts to attract outside talent. But proponents say it saves the city-parish money and helps prevent key positions from remaining vacant.

    Both Hanlon and Hunt are veteran city-parish staffers. Hanlon has had a 38-year career with the city-parish and served as finance director since 2007. Hunt has worked for the city-parish for 34 years and has served as assistant finance director since 2007.

    Hunt, who retired in 2016, is also a retire-rehire employee.

    Hanlon and Hunt could not be reached for comment as of this afternoon’s deadline.

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