Baton Rouge eatery makes ‘Food & Wine’ for its innovative cooking

    Bellue’s Fine Cajun Cuisine on Scenic Highway, known in Baton Rouge for a half-century for its étouffée, gumbo and boudin, was featured in Food & Wine magazine, spotlighting owner Wirt Bellue’s tried and true methods of making Cajun food.   

    Bellue, an ex-cop, welder, and a restaurant owner, combines his varied background to serve better food at the tiny restaurant/deli/butcher shop. He’s made a giant skillet that rocks back and forth, allowing him cook 1,000 pounds of crawfish étouffée at once; a rotating flat-top that can perfectly—and evenly—toast 40 po’boy buns at once; and a gumbo pot that he starts with 100 pounds of tasso ham he smokes out back over local pecan wood.

    But what’s surprising about the food at Bellue’s is that while everything is cooked from scratch—you won’t find any cans—it’s all frozen before it hits the table. He uses the same kind of commitment to care and consistency you might imagine is necessary for welding—deconstructing the process behind each dish, then designing his own custom kitchen appliances and vessels to recreate it: the peppery lima beans that melt like M&M’s in your mouth and flavorful green beans with tasso and potatoes come out of a pressure cooker that makes 800 to 1,000 pounds of them at a time. Read the full story in Food & Wine.


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