Another intercity bus company coming to Baton Rouge

    European intercity bus company Flixbus is launching operations in the Gulf Coast region, with routes between Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Houston, San Antonio and Biloxi, hoping to carve a niche as a low-cost premium ride in an already crowded bus market.

    Tickets for Flixbus became available this morning, The Houston Chronicle reports, with service starting March 14. Additional service to other Texas cities and into Oklahoma is planned in the coming months, says Pierre Gourdain, managing director of FlixBus USA.

    “By the end of the year, we can expect to have green buses, sea to shining sea,” Gourdain says, noting the company’s existing operations in California and Arizona as well as plans to enter the Florida market.

    Flixbus operates slightly differently from other carriers in that its ticketing and marketing is entirely online. It also offers overnight trips in many markets where others do not.

    The company, currently in 29 countries, grew from Germany across Europe, before hopping the Atlantic and operating along the West Coast. Worldwide, Flixbus makes 350,000 connections daily, often with a handful of stops in certain cities near town centers and university campuses. Read the full story.

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