All-in-one business portal hits the Baton Rouge market

    After two years of development, Chris Jordan is bringing his all-in-one business portal, Omnidek, to market for Baton Rouge companies. It marks the latest step toward his goal of creating a fully integrated online network of business portals.

    Omnidek is a business application that uses a Facebook-style interface to house a company’s data—including time sheets, expense reports and project management software—into a single platform, with usernames, passwords and support for each. It’s already attracted some local clients, says Jordan, including a Fortune 500 company and established construction companies.

    “Instead of buying all these different apps, you can drag, drop and build whatever processes and workflows you want,” Jordan says. “It’s a no-code platform, meaning a department manager can build it with no tech experience.”

    With the app’s buildout complete, some $2.4 million of capital has been raised. About $1.9 million came from angel investments from Innovation Catalyst, the Louisiana Fund and Core Associates, which also bought the assets of the first prototype for $500,000.

    By visiting the Omnidek website, a company can test the platform through a week-long free trial. Afterward, a $99-per-month subscription covers a company’s first five users; additional users cost an additional $25 per month.

    It’s what Jordan describes as “bait” for companies to add more business contacts to the network. Ultimately, he wants Omnidek to allow companies to connect with vendors, customers and other businesses to send each other invoices, schedule meetings and carry out other functions. Companies would be able to build unlimited portal relationships for free.

    “We’re trying to figure out how sophisticated of a platform we are,” says Jordan, who’s retained a group of advisors from Facebook, Beck Group, NASA and Carrollton Partners. “We want to know where our ceiling is so we can play in a bigger market.”

    Omnidek is undergoing a growth round of funding, says Jordan, aiming to secure between $750,000 and $1 million to hire 10 to 25 employees within the next calendar year and up marketing efforts.

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