Alford: What’s up with Louisiana’s medical marijuana?

    If you follow health care news or if you’re interested in government’s intersection with commerce and the importance of states’ rights, then turn your attention to Louisiana’s medical marijuana issue. The matter of growing it in our state and the regulatory framework that’s evolving to bring the product to the market are making for one hell of a story.

    If you’ve lost track of the policy topic or simply cannot find a comfortable access point with which to begin your reading or research, political columnist Jeremy Alford has compiled seven steps to get into—and back out of—the weeds on the topic in his new column.

    Step one is to remember that the launch of Louisiana’s medical marijuana industry is almost as controversial as the introduction of gambling during the 1990s. There’s big money behind the joint venture and major league personalities are being pulled into the haze, but there’s a human side to this story as well as patients await their alternative healing.

    The second step is knowing that State Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain, who regulates the growing side, says he’s taking the LSU Ag Center to court for bucking regulations, causing similar delays to what Louisiana saw with gambling.

    Read the full column for the rest of Alford’s primer on medical marijuana in the state, and what all the fuss is about.

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