Alford: They said it (regular session edition)

    “This isn’t personal, this is math.”

    “The first thing we ought to shoot for in the budget is creating an accurate document.”

    “I believe in term limits, so I’m coming home to run for Clerk of Court.”

    “You have now put enough baggage on this plane that it will not get airborne.”

    Those are just some of the memorable one-liners made by Louisiana lawmakers during this year’s regular session, and there were plenty more, as Jeremy Alford notes in his new “They said it (regular session edition)” column.

    But this year’s annual session lacked the derailing bitterness and animosity that has marked the Legislature’s other policymaking gatherings conducted since 2016. Instead, he writes, there was more straight talk, a noticeable increase in go-along-to-get-along solutions and an unmistakable eagerness to cut through the politics and end this term.

    Read the full column for more of what happened when Louisiana lawmakers opened their mouths during the legislative session slated to adjourn on Thursday.

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