Alford: Sizing up the second-place race for governor 

    The locker room chatter in and around the gubernatorial campaign of U.S. Rep. Ralph Abraham can be summed up in five words: “Not Ready for Prime Time.”

    The phrase is a nod to an opinion piece published by The Advocate in February 2018, in which Abraham was criticized for being “out of touch, lacking ideas.” Now, more than a year later, polling trends show Abraham positioned for a runoff spot against Gov. John Bel, writes Jeremy Alford in his latest column. Edwards—unless the incumbent can capture 50%-plus-one in the primary, which remains a hope of key boosters. 

    At least that’s the big picture snapshot for the moment, with about two weeks to go until early voting commences and roughly a month to go until Election Day.

    For businessman Eddie Rispone of Baton Rouge, who has gained ground through aggressive media buys and his pro-Trump messaging, that means there are only a few viable options for picking up votes.

    Read on for Alford’s full column, where he lays out how the race could end up. 

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