Alford: Reporters, lobbyists prepping for a re-election session

    You’ve no doubt been reading about all of the bills senators and representatives have been working on for the regular session that convenes April 8. But they’re not alone in their work—legislative staffers, department heads and attorneys for the state are the people doing most of the legislation writing, Jeremy Alford notes in his new column.

    “There are also pages who deliver paperwork on the floors of the House and Senate, cashiers who keep lunch plates moving, janitors who keep the floors clean and tour guides who open up the mysteries of the Capitol for school children,” Alford writes. “For nearly two decades I’ve also seen folks come and go, testifying on bills and peppering lawmakers with questions, and I still have no idea why they’re there or if they represent anyone.”

    In short, Alford says, it takes a village to operate a legislative session, “and that includes other journalists like me and lobbyists who make the real money.”

    For reporters, Alford says many of them agree that the biggest stories of this regular session may have nothing to do with the session at all.

    “As for lobbyists, many of them believe this session is more about the fall’s re-election bids,” he writes.

    Read the full column, in which Alford further explores what journalists and lobbyists are anticipating as Louisiana goes into the legislative session.  

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