Alford: How political dollars keep flowing during fundraising ban

    There’s been a lot of talk about Gov. John Bel Edwards 90-day fundraising ban during and after the ongoing regular session, Jeremy Alford writes in his new column, but little attention has been given to the backup fundraising structure that has been established to support the incumbent’s bid

    While the Edwards campaign has no choice but to temporarily shutter its fundraising operations, GUMBO PAC—in particular—is ramping up its solicitations to help fill the void, Alford writes.

    “I would expect you’ll see some events, too, over the next few months,” said GUMBO PAC Director Trey Ourso.

    Super PACs, like GUMBO, are prohibited from communicating or coordinating with the campaigns they support in terms of strategy and spending. The PACs and campaigns, however, can call each other daily if they wish to share specific scheduling and fundraising information.

    More to the point, boosters for candidates can gently direct donors who have reached their legal limits with the campaigns to their corresponding super PACs. The candidates can even attend events hosted by the PACs, as long as there’s no direct solicitation for money.

    The race for governor has a busy field of players, Alford writes, but information about how Edwards’ fundraising will play out can be gleaned from how the PACs and nonprofits operate, and how they raised money in 2015. Read his full column.  

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