Aggies not pleased with Scott Woodward’s leaving

    Scott Woodward, who became the former Texas A&M athletic director last night, is headed home to LSU, and that’s got some Aggies in a lather.

    Not because they’re overly concerned about losing an athletic director—but because of who he is tied to, The Houston Chronicle reports. Woodward hired Jimbo Fisher from Florida State and had worked with the popular Aggies coach at LSU around the turn of the century.

    Woodward, who has been at A&M since January 2016, grew up in Baton Rouge and attended LSU, which on Wednesday reassigned longtime athletic director Joe Alleva to “special assistant to the president of LSU for donor relations.”

    That opened the door for Woodward, who hasn’t worked at LSU since 2004, to head home.

    Last August, in an extended visit with the Houston Chronicle, Woodward said, “I have no intention and no desire to go anywhere else” when asked what he would do if he heard “mama calling” back at LSU (as Paul “Bear” Bryant once famously put it when leaving A&M for his alma mater Alabama).

    The concern for A&M fans is that Woodward would one day try to hire Fisher for the LSU post, should current coach Ed Orgeron not pan out. Fisher does not have a buyout in his A&M contract paying $7.5 million annually over 10 years, and neither side would owe the other anything if he walked away from it. Read the full story.

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