5 reasons employees quit their bosses, and how to prevent it  

    Employees leave their managers, not their companies—we’ve all heard the saying. Unfortunately, it’s a phrase that accentuates the significance of effective leadership and the organizational impact of poor management, Inc. reports. 

    But what exactly do bosses do to make people leave great organizations? If you’re in HR, a CEO or founder, this is a question you should be asking yourself regularly. With that much power and influence, ensuring your managers are equipped for leadership should be a top priority. 

    According to this Harris Poll conducted for Yoh, here are the top five management issues causing employees to quit: 

    1. Showing disrespect for employees in lesser positions

    2. Breaking promises 

    3. Overworking employees/having unrealistic expectations 

    4. Playing favorites 

    5. Gossiping about other employees

    In all these examples, single instances are normally not enough to send someone packing. But the common denominator is the inability to recognize the prolonged effects of these things. 

    To ensure you’re on the right side of self-awareness and not unintentionally repeating destructive behaviors, managers can try asking themselves these questions. 

    1. What type of leader do I want to be? 

    2. What am I doing that is working? 

    3. What am I doing that is not working? 

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