‘225 Dine:’ Special-tea drinks from MoMo Tea

    There’s a tea company in Guangzhou, China, where patrons wait in line for hours to get their hands on a cup of cheese tea.

    The drink—topped with a cream cheese foam—is one of China’s latest tea crazes and, as 225 reports, now you can try it in Baton Rouge.

    MoMo Tea opened in Ichiban Square shopping center on March 11, making it among several tea shops to join the city’s growing tea scene. But owner Ronnie Wong hopes to stand out by focusing on the newer cheese tea trend rather than bubble tea, which has been growing in popularity over the past 10 years.

    Wong, whose family owns Ichiban Sushi Bar & Grill in the same shopping center, says a high number of tea shops in China means entrepreneurs are constantly innovating in hopes of starting the next big craze.

    “The tea culture over there is like the coffee culture over here,” Wong says. “You have Starbucks over there, but tea’s going to outweigh the coffee.”

    When drinking the cheese tea, Wong says customers should sip it so they taste both the fruity tea and the creamy foam, instead of mixing in the foam. He says he’s still navigating how to teach customers to drink cheese tea so they can get the drink’s fullest taste.

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