‘225 Dine:’ Open-fire at Restaurant 1796

    Morgan Moss says he is “everything from the yard boy to the proprietor,” at The Mrytles Plantation in St. Francisville.

    But in March 2017, when a fire destroyed the existing restaurant on the grounds of The Myrtles, he added a new role to the list: constructing and running a whole new restaurant.

    Restaurant 1796 held its soft opening earlier this week, and as 225 details in a new feature, aims to bring a unique new concept to the St. Francisville attraction, based around open-fire cooking and fresh, simple ingredients.

    There’s a 10-foot open-fire hearth in the middle of the restaurant. Moss, who took over The Myrtles about four years ago from his parents, John and Teeta Moss, says the inspiration for the restaurant came from the site’s historic grounds.
    “The Myrtles is 223 years old now,” he says. “Back then this was very much the style of cooking, so the restaurant has this really cool homestead feel and complements the land around us. At the same time, it doesn’t feel quite as country or quite as old school as you would feel in other restaurants like this.”

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