‘225 Dine:’ Cannatella grocery brings its classic muffuletta to Mid City

    In 1923, Cannatella Grocery opened its doors in Melville, about 40 minutes west of New Roads. Nearly a century later, it’s opening its second location, this time in Baton Rouge.

    As 225 reports, Grant and Pamela Cannatella opened the new location in late May on Government Street. The specialty grocery store has been manned by the Cannatella family for four generations, known for its muffuletta, meats and imported Italian items like wine, olive oil and cheeses.  

    But it’s not just groceries. Cannatella’s in Melville is known for its over-the-top muffulettas and huge lunch plates, so the family decided to bring its most popular items to Baton Rouge. Fresh meals made at the Melville location are frozen and sent to Baton Rouge, giving Mid City customers grab-and-go options to take home and prep. They also provide fresh sandwiches, hot boudin and spicy sausage.

    The Melville store is known for its attention to detail and its customers, meaning the owners have already made some major adjustments to their grocery selection based on what they have seen in Baton Rouge. The Cannatella’s have increased the number of gluten-free, vegan and other healthy items due to demand and customer requests.

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