‘225 Dine:’ A first look at Atomic Burger

    Just before Atomic Burger’s grand opening in Arlington Marketplace near LSU, 225 got to sneak in and check out the popular New Orleans burger joint.  

    The new restaurant has a bright red interior color scheme and the menu has four main styles of burger: the Atomic Burger made with original toppings and its signature A.B. Sauce; the Green Chile Burger dressed with roasted poblano peppers; the Mushroom Swiss Burger topped with onions, mushrooms, mayo and Swiss cheese; and the Jamburger, featuring its popular bacon-onion jam. The burgers come in slider and full-size.

    Atomic Burger also sells custard based milkshakes that are made using liquid nitrogen. They will have strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and artisan flavors that change daily.

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