What it takes to attract young professionals to Baton Rouge, on the next episode of Strictly Business

    What will it take to attract and retain young professionals to Baton Rouge? That’s the topic our three-person panel will tackle on the April episode of Business Report‘s Strictly Business series with business leaders across the Capital Region.

    The episode, which airs at 11 a.m. April 17, takes on a topic that is front and center in Baton Rouge. The Better in BTR initiative, a national campaign by Visit Baton Rouge, the Baton Rouge Area Chamber and East Baton Rouge Parish to attract more young professionals to the city, is about to get underway. It’s designed to showcase Baton Rouge as a better choice for young workers and bolster regional pride.

    We explore Baton Rouge’s struggle with self-perception, economic barriers to attracting young professionals, and how the community can cultivate a new generation of community leaders in Baton Rouge to help bring the initiative along, among other topics. Register here.

    On this episode, Strictly Business hosts a three-person panel, each of whom are longtime advocates for the cause. Jeremy Beyt, co-founder and CCO of creative firm ThreeSixtyEight, which is developing the Better in BTR campaign; Sabrina Galloway, Principal Strategist of The Galloway Group and COO and Co-founder of Ethics; and Amanda Martin, a successful entrepreneur and CEO of Studyville.

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