TEDxLSU introduces March lineup

    Organizers for 2019 TEDxLSU, which is going with the theme of “illuminate,” have announced the lineup for the seventh edition of the annual event.

    The 2019 TEDxLSU event will be held at the LSU Union Theater on March 23. Here’s the official lineup:

    • Brandon Ballengée: A visual artist, biologist and environmental educator whose nature-inspired artworks are raising awareness of the human impact on the environment and garnering international acclaim.
    • Andrea Eastin: The clothing designer and educator is demystifying the unseen forces behind mass-produced clothing and helping others create their own attire truly designed for their bodies and lifestyle.
    • Reagan Errera: The research ecologist says there’s a lot to learn from phytoplankton, microscopic algae and other organisms floating throughout the world’s oceans.
    • Hayley Johnson & Sarah Simms: The LSU librarians are unearthing historical documents to illuminate long-forgotten but important stories of Louisiana’s past.
    • LadyBEAST: A New Orleans-based circus artist who specializes in Houdini-esque illusions, aerial displays and bottle walking.
    • Lori Latrice Martin: An LSU African and African American studies and sociology professor and author who researches the ways that sports are about far more than entertainment.
    • Juan Martinez: The LSU professor and researcher is laying the scientific groundwork to tackle disease-causing bacteria that are unable to be treated with traditional medications.
    • Sara Reardon: Is working to change how people approach and talk about women’s health.
    • Emma Schachner: Research by the evolutionary biologist and paleontologist is investigating how the specialized dinosaur lung helped it live.
    • Clay Tucker: The LSU graduate student and researcher is translating the hidden stories trees can tell us about earth’s past
    • Rolanda Wilkerson: The organic chemist and science communicator is helping women of African ancestry care for their natural hair through the development of better beauty products rooted in science.
    • Nalo Zidan: An artist, activist and writer highlighting the nuanced lived experiences of masculine-identified women and nonbinary people.

    Read the full biographies of the speakers.