REV CEO Josh Descant shares the highs, lows and best practices for a rebranding in the March episode of ‘Strictly Business’

    How do you give an 87-year-old iconic brand a new name without some of your 63,000 Louisiana customers thinking you’re now owned by some firm in New York?

    In the March 15 episode of Business Report‘s Strictly Business, REV/REV Business CEO Josh Descant tackles the journey the company formerly known as Eatel and two other companies under its umbrella—Reserve Communications and Vision Communications—recently took to rebrand as one.

    Descant sets the mission, values and strategic direction for the state’s largest locally owned communications provider. He also serves on the leadership committee of  USTelecom―a dedicated alliance of connectivity executives representing local and regional broadband innovators―and is a member of the Ascension Chamber of Commerce’s board of directors and finance committee as well as a member of The Committee of 100 for Economic Development Inc., representing the Capital Region. Descant was born and raised in New Orleans and has served in the United States Marine Corps.

    In this episode of the Strictly Business webcast, Descant talks candidly about how his team balanced the company’s decades-old value and equity with the need to made some bold strategic innovations. He shares the seven important steps any company should take before undergoing such a major transformation—and why many of its own employees were thrilled with the decision. Hint: Wardrobe changes may be involved.

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