Survey: Business economists more optimistic about US growth 

The accelerated rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, along with the Biden administration’s rescue aid policies, have brightened the outlook for the U.S. economy as it extends its recovery from the pandemic recession.

That is the view of a majority of business economists that emerges from a survey being released today by the National Association for Business Economics. The results, based on responses from 97 NABE members earlier this month, found that two-thirds say the vaccines and the administration’s policies have increased their optimism.

An equally large proportion say the vaccine rollout and a new presidential administration have had a positive effect on their companies’ sales and hiring, up from only 37% who said so in a survey done in January.

In addition, 35% of the economists say they think the economy will grow at a robust rate of at least 6% over the next year. Only 4% of the economists had predicted growth that strong in the January survey.

In a further sign of their brightening outlook, nearly two-thirds of the business economists reported that their companies’ sales had increased over the past three months. That’s up from just over half of the respondents who said so in January.

The NABE’s survey results are consistent with rising expectations, at the Federal Reserve and among analysts in general, that the U.S. economy has begun a strong recovery that should accelerate hiring and sustain a healthy pace of growth. See the full report.