Zippy’s location opens in LSU Student Union

The food group company that operates the restaurants on LSU’s campus opened a Zippy’s Burritos, Tacos & More in the school’s student union today. 

Neal Hendrick, owner of Zippy’s on Perkins Road, says Compass Group reached out to him a couple of months ago about entering into a licensing agreement to open a limited-menu Zippy’s on campus. While Compass Group owns and operates the restaurant in the union, Hendrick still handles staff training and oversees food quality. 

“I thought it would be a good opportunity to get the brand out,” Hendrick says. “It’s interesting because it’s an express model with a partial menu. We also wanted to try other venues, and food courts and nontraditional for a restaurant.”

Hendrick also plans to give the Perkins Road Zippy’s a facelift sometime this year. He hopes the design will be affordable so that he could open additional restaurants in the future with the same design. 

“We’ve been here 20 years,” Hendrick says. “It’s time to give us a better look and put a few dollars back into it.”

With the facelift, Hendrick is also considering adding a new patio in response to more customers eating outside due to the pandemic.