Workers trading dress shoes for sneakers as companies relax office dress codes 

As many American workers migrate back into the office after more than a year of working from home, they’re finding that what is considered appropriate workwear has changed.  

As The Washington Post reports, some companies—even more traditional ones such as banks and law firms—are relaxing dress codes while others are moving to hybrid work arrangements, blurring the lines between work attire and leisure wear. Many white-collar workers are done with belts, ties and dress shoes, choosing instead to pair polo shirts with blazers, and joggers with button-downs. 

The trend has left retailers updating their racks with more comfortable and versatile clothing. In one example, Ministry of Supply, a brand that specializes in business wear, recently sent thousands of suddenly outdated items back to the factory for a post-pandemic makeover. It’s slimming down pant legs, so they look good with sneakers, and hemming dress shirts to make them more flattering untucked. Brooks Brothers, a mainstay of buttoned-up business wear, is investing in more casual pieces, with bright colors and bold patterns. 

The shift builds on 30 years of loosening corporate dress codes. Led by Silicon Valley, workplaces across the country have steadily transitioned from suits and ties, shoulder pads and pantyhose to more relaxed styles. Read the full story.