What new graduates are looking for from employers 

It’s graduation season, and a new pool of talent is entering the market, but these new candidates may be pickier about what they’re looking for and what’s going to make them want to stay at a job, according to Inc. 

In a pandemic bounce-back year with a tight labor market, it’s imperative for employers with aggressive hiring needs to figure out how to attract and retain new candidates.

Additionally, it now takes an average of four weeks to fill entry-level positions, a 57% increase since before the pandemic, according to an April 4 survey of recent graduates and employers from jobs site Monster. 

Here are the biggest takeaways from the Monster survey regarding what recent grads are looking for most:

  • New grads want to make sure the people they surround themselves with come from a diversity of perspectives. When asked what their deal breakers are, 33% said they would not accept a job offer at a company without a diverse workforce. 
  • Having dealt with the emotional burden of the pandemic, grads want to ensure that their workplace is understanding and supportive of their mental health. The Monster survey found that an overwhelming 90% of college grads think it’s important that they feel comfortable discussing mental wellness at work.  

College grads don’t want to hear salary options during interviews. They want to know upfront how much they’ll be paid for a job before they apply. Read the full story from Inc.