Watershed management critical as Baton Rouge tries to stay dry

Watershed management. It’s a term you’ll hear a lot in 2019. With the parish conducting its own watershed management study and the state, more significantly, gearing up to receive a $1.2 billion federal windfall that will help plan for and fund a variety of statewide flood-control related projects, watershed management will be an oft-uttered buzzword.

What you won’t hear much about, as Business Report details in a new feature, is the jockeying behind the scenes among various players hoping to get a piece of the action.

Since the $1.2 billion in federal funds was first announced last April by Gov. John Bel Edwards and U.S. Rep. Garret Graves, consultants, engineering firms, and contractors have been strategizing about how to win their share of the contracts that will follow.

How can you blame them? Not only will the projects be lucrative and long term; they’ll also be meaningful and impactful for those who live in Louisiana.

Already, the competition is on. In late December, the state Office of Community Development—which will administer the $1.2 billion in federal funds that will come down through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Community Development Block Grants program—issued a Request for Proposals for a program manager that will provide support services to the state. Read the full feature. Send comments to editor@businessreport.com

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