Three keys to guard your team against mass resignations

Businesses everywhere are struggling to retain talent. The pandemic triggered mass resignations, with more than 16 million Americans leaving their jobs last summer. 

But, as Inc. reports, managers are not totally helpless when it comes to keeping quality people around. 

There are three strategies Inc. recommends to help business leaders retain employees:  

  1. Adopt the right management style. Odds are high that if your company is suffering from high turnover, your leadership style is the culprit. Adopting a servant leadership style, where your primary task is to create an environment in which your talent can feel inspired to work in your company, can help turn the tide. 
  2. Create a culture of happiness. Prioritize making your people happy so that they will in turn be motivated to provide great service for clients and customers. 
  3. Set goals and enable processes to keep talent motivated. Communicate your values, set tangible goals, and empower your people to operate in new ways to realize those goals. Read the full story.