St. George organizers plan golf tournament to raise funds for legal costs 

Organizers for the prospective city of St. George will hold a benefit golf tournament July 12 to raise funds for legal costs to fight the lawsuit filed by Baton Rouge Mayor Sharon Weston Broom. 

The benefit tournament, a four-man scramble, will be at Copper Mill Golf Club in Zachary, with entry fees starting at $400 per team.  

“You voted to create the City of St. George and now the only thing standing in St. George’s way is a lawsuit filed by President Broome,” says Andrew Murrell, spokesperson for St. George, in a prepared statement. 

It has been more than a year and a half since the October 2019 election in which voters in the prospective city approved incorporation. A month after the vote, Broome and Metro Council member Lamont Cole challenged the incorporation on the grounds that the prospective city could not provide services to voters and that St. George’s incorporation will have a “substantial adverse impact” on Baton Rouge and the remaining unincorporated area of the parish.   

While no trial date has been set, the two sides in the court battle are expected to have a hearing soon to settle a motion filed by Broome’s lawyer in March that claims the defendants in the case, St. George organizers Norman Browning and Chris Rials, now say they are representing only themselves in the lawsuit rather than the people in the prospective city who voted to incorporate.