Sens. Cassidy, Rubio introduce business cybersecurity bills 

U.S. Sens. Bill Cassidy and Marco Rubio last week introduced two bills aimed at boosting cybersecurity efforts for small businesses, which security expert Jeff Moulton says will help Louisiana businesses better prepare for cyber threats.  

The first bill, called the Small Business Cyber Training Act, would require the Small Business Administration to create a training program for small business development centers, or SBCDs, to equip businesses with cybersecurity strategies. The second bill, the SBA Cyber Awareness Act, would force the SBA to develop its own new cybersecurity strategy.

Moulton, CEO of LSU nonprofit Stephenson Technologies Corp., a professional services R&D firm focused on cybersecurity, says the bills would streamline the process for small businesses to improve their cybersecurity efforts through the SBDCs and bring greater awareness and attention to the issue. 

Many small business owners don’t have a cybersecurity strategy because they don’t think their firm would be a target for hackers. However, Moulton says most security breaches are not an individual person on the other side of the computer breaking into an online system. Hackers use programs that test many computer networks at a time. 

“These exploits are automated, and they look for security weaknesses or vulnerabilities to break through,” Moulton says. “It’s like a robocall that looks to take advantage of a network.” 

A second way this legislation could be beneficial, Moulton says, is that it would potentially cause the SBA to do away with current cybersecurity standards that are costly and complicated for businesses to achieve.