Roundup: Renee Amar leaves LABI / Book dupes on Amazon / Historic preservation grants

Changeup: Pelican Institute for Public Policy today announced it has hired Renee Amar of Louisiana Association of Business & Industry as vice president for government affairs, James Baehr as general counsel and Eric Peterson as director of policy. Amar, a policy director at LABI, today published a departure announcement. Baehr has served as an assistant U.S. attorney in the Eastern District of Louisiana and Peterson has worked for Americans for Prosperity and the Institute for Free Speech.

Don’t be fooled: Summaries of popular books have long been a staple in the publishing business. Now they are often hard to tell apart from the real thing, The Wall Street Journal reprots. Authors and publishers say they are concerned about a recent surge in summaries available on Amazon, some of which have covers that copy or mimic the original book’s cover art and use the author’s name, and come up at the top of searches on Amazon, fooling customers. Read the full story.   

Preservation:  Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser today announced the Louisiana Office of Cultural Development’s Division of Historic Preservation is receiving more than $1 million in federal, supplemental assistance grants through the Historic Preservation Fund from the National Park Service. Nungesser says the funding will be used to collect data from Louisiana cities damaged by hurricanes to find and protect the most vulnerable historic buildings from further damage.


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