Red Stick Social, coffee shops providing cool air, internet and a break from Ida

Red Stick Social, inside the restored Electric Depot on Government Street, plans to open early Wednesday through Saturday to offer relief to Baton Rouge area residents still without power or internet connection.

The facility has air conditioning, TV, free wireless internet access and room to spread out for business meetings, family outings or just time away from a home or office that might still not have power.

In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Ida, with nearly three-quarter of Baton Rouge residents without power, finding a place to cool off and either relax or get some business done is at a premium. Besides Red Stick, a number of coffee shops are also open for business—and free WiFi.

Robert Lay, a principal with Red Stick Social, says they will begin offering continental breakfast at 8 a.m., and plan to serve their regular menu, described as an “upscale bar menu,” for lunch and dinner. 

Lay says the scene will be kid-friendly, noting that the bowling lanes also will be open. 

“Staffing with COVID is still a challenge, so we’re trying to figure out how to do this with a skeleton crew,” Lay says. “We want to really make the building available and open to the community.” 

“We’ll just play it by ear after that,” Lay says. “Let’s get through Saturday and Sunday, let’s see what happens, and if we need to continue it, we’ll continue it.”

In the meantime, here’s a listing of a few coffee shops open as of this morning. We’ve linked each business’ social media post detailing their offerings for today, but be sure to double check with the shops to confirm current hours and availability before driving over.

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