Prominent Perkins Road space to see seventh restaurant in eight years

If “location, location, location” is everything in real estate, then why has a highly visible space with ample off street parking in a retail center on Perkins Road near the busy intersection of Essen Lane been six—and soon to be seven—different restaurants in the past eight years?

There’s no single reason.

But since Calendar’s closed its restaurant in the Beau de Chêne shopping center in 2010, the space that the comfort food chain occupied for several years has turned over multiple times.

First, it was home to a short-lived Mexican restaurant. Then, Frankie Marcello’s, which specialized in southern Italian cuisine, from 2012 to 2015; followed by Lasseigne’s American Grill, 2015 to 2017; Sake Sushi, 2017 to 2018; and, most recently, Sushi Poke, which lasted about two months.

There is now a banner outside the restaurant promoting “King Grab Juicy Seafood,” which promises to be “coming soon.”

Real estate broker Steve Legendre with Sperry Van Ness, who handles leasing for part of the building, agrees the restaurant space appears star crossed, but says there’s nothing wrong with the location or the aging retail center, which was built in the 1980s.

“I think it’s just going to take the right concept to make it work,” says Legendre, who notes that the same group planning to open King Grab Juicy Seafood also owned Sake Sushi and Sushi Poke.

“They just keep tweaking their concept in hopes of trying to make something stick,” he says. “But they’re paying the rent so we’re not complaining.”

With respect to the factors that make for a successful restaurant location, Legendre says visibility and easy access are key but so is the execution of a good concept. Some of the previous concepts in the Beau de Chêne space weren’t offering what customers were looking for, he says.

There’s several dining options in the immediate vicinity of Beau de Chêne that didn’t exist seven years ago, including three eateries in the new Ichiban Plaza retail center just a block away.

“There is more competition in that area than there used to be so that makes it more challenging for restaurants,” he says.  

As for the future of the restaurant space in Beau de Chêne, Legendre says it was completely renovated before Lasseigne’s moved in and would be well suited to any number of restaurant tenants.

“It’s a great space,” he says. “The location is not the problem.”

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