Poll: Marijuana legalization gaining broader support in Louisiana

Sixty-seven percent of Louisianans favor the legalization of both medicinal and recreational marijuana, according to the Louisiana 2021 Marijuana Poll conducted by JMC Analytics and Polling. That’s 13 points more than the 54% who favored legalization in last year’s poll.

There are three key takeaways from the 2021 poll: 1) public opinion about marijuana usage continues to trend in the direction of less restrictions, 2) this strong support for relaxing marijuana laws is consistent across nearly every identifiable demographic group, and 3) any differences in opinion are primarily driven by the age of the respondent.

The extent to which voters want to relax existing marijuana laws is an issue JMC has polled several times in Louisiana and once in Michigan. This time, JMC was engaged by the Louisiana Association for Therapeutic Alternatives to poll public opinion about marijuana legalization and related issues.

For this poll, a sample of likely households was chosen from the population registered to vote in Louisiana for a “hybrid” automated poll, where 27% of the phone numbers were landlines and 73% of the phone numbers were cellphones. 

Altogether, there were 1,160 completed responses. The margin of error was 2.9%.

Among JMC’s findings:

• Just like last year’s poll, the strongest area of support was on the question of whether the marijuana plant (in addition to the oil) should be a permissible type of medical marijuana, with an overwhelming 75% majority in favor, compared to 69% last year.

• Only 8% of respondents favor keeping both medicinal and recreational use of marijuana illegal, down four percentage points from 2020.

• Respondents at least 65 years old are much less likely to be supportive of marijuana legalization than those younger than 65. Read the full poll summary.