People trust their bosses more than the government

Employers are emerging as a powerful source of trust as people turn to more local relationships in the face of rising skepticism toward institutions, including the government, and social-media platforms, according to a survey of global attitudes compiled by public-relations firm Edelman.

Among survey respondents, Bloomberg reports, 75% said they trust their employer, 27 points higher than their faith in government (48%) and 28 points above the news media (47%). People increasingly look to their employer as a relationship, Edelman said, because it’s closer and more controllable.

Consumption and sharing of traditional media has also rebounded, marking a dramatic reversal from a year ago, because there is a growing desire for fact finding, the report found. Conversely, social-media trust hasn’t kept pace, leading to a gap between traditional and social media of 20 points globally and as high as 35 points in some developed markets. Read the full story.

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