Pennington wants to draw national attention with Obecity, USA campaign 

Pennington Biomedical Research Center has been sharing its research on obesity with the medical community for about 30 years. Now, the center is looking to step into the national spotlight with its Obecity, USA campaign and a major rebranding.

Dr. John Kirwan, executive director of Pennington Biomedical Research Center, says the purpose of the Obecity, USA campaign is three fold: 1) increase awareness of the problem of obesity, 2) increase visibility for the center and 3) increase funding for research.

Raising awareness and changing the conversation is critical, especially with the widespread perception that obesity is due to a lack of willpower. In fact, there are dozens of biological factors that contribute to the disease’s development, which is why, he says, it’s vital the conversation shifts from stigmatization to medicalization. 

The bet is that coupling a greater awareness of the problem with a heightened national reputation for the research center will not only help Pennington attract additional research dollars but will also make it easier to partner with groups across various industries—food, health, fitness, nutrition groups and pharma groups—in search of a solution. Read the full story from the latest edition of  Business Report. Send comments to