Pandemic creating wave of new job roles for 2021 and beyond

As the way people work has changed, so have the roles that need to be filled, Fast Company reports.

These new roles are borne from pandemic-fueled trends, including the acceleration of technology adoption, new business models and increased demand for certain skills and roles within organizations.

These are some of the new jobs emerging in 2021 and beyond:

• Roles to facilitate the new way of work. Indeed has seen a 600% growth in the listing for “relocation assistant” from 2017 to 2020, when local governments sought them to help low-income people who were facing eviction or homelessness. Additionally, roles such as “virtual reality immersion counselor” and “future of work leader” will help people navigate a changing workplace.

• Logistics and warehouse professionals. The pandemic put enormous strain on the supply chain and spurred the growth of companies that deliver products, supplies and materials. Job platforms are seeing an increase in all manner of logistics professionals, including logistics specialists and coordinators and supply chain analysts.

• Environmental sector jobs. The Biden administration’s commitment to green jobs appears to be high, so look for growth in titles ranging from environmental engineers and scientists to energy auditors and solar sales representatives and assessors. At larger organizations, chief climate response officers may be needed.

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