Moreau PT expanding into former Street Breads space

Al Moreau III, physical therapist and partner, Moreau Physical Therapy (Photo by Brian Baiamonte)

Moreau Physical Therapy is doubling the size of its location on Perkins Road, with an expansion into an adjacent space that was, until recently, the home of Street Breads restaurant.

The Lake Charles-based eatery permanently closed and vacated the 1,730-square-foot space in November, just four months after emerging from a Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization.

Moreau PT, which opened the Perkins Road location four years ago, has been looking to expand in the area and was ready to take advantage of the space when it became available.  

Al Moreau III, whose father, Al Moreau Jr. opened the first Moreau PT in 1977, says the expanded facility will be able to serve more clients and also provide several new services.

“We are going to expand our occupational therapy and certified hand therapy,” he says. “We’ll also increase some of our wellness services—things like functional fitness, weight loss, general exercise plans or special fitness for athletes who want to improve their performance.”

The market for physical therapy has become more competitive as demand has increased with an aging Baby Boomer population that, in many cases, is determined to continue the cardio workouts its generation helped popularize in the 1970s and 1980s.

With skyrocketing health care costs. there’s also increased demand for corporate wellness programs and functional fitness services. Moreau PT hopes to capitalize on both.  

The expanded facility should be open by the beginning of February, Moreau III says. It is one of 17 locations—including 14 private practice sites and 3 contract sites—the Baton Rouge-based firm has between Lafayette and New Orleans.


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