More left-turn signals coming as part of MovEBR program 

Mayor Sharon Weston Broome today launched a public education campaign to prepare Baton Rouge drivers and businesses for new flashing yellow arrow left-turn signals, which will be the latest upgrades as part of the massive $1 billion MovEBR road improvement program

The updated traffic lights, paid for with the half-cent MovEBR sales tax passed by voters in 2018, will feature red, green, and yellow left-turn arrows. The steady red arrows mean drivers turning left must stop and wait; the steady yellow arrows mean stop if you can do so safely; the flashing yellow arrows will mean drivers can proceed with a left turn after yielding to oncoming traffic and pedestrians; and the steady green arrow means proceed with a left turn, Broome’s office says.    

“These new turn signals are proven to be safer and more efficient,” Broome says in a prepared statement. “A Federal Highway Administration study found they reduce left turn crashes by up to 35%. They also help move more traffic through the intersection, easing traffic congestion and reducing vehicle idling—and that helps ease pollution.”

The DOTD says motorists will eventually encounter the new flashing yellow arrow signals on all state roadways where a single turn lane is currently protected by a left-turn signal.