LSU professor studying how to speed up the internet, at just the right time

Now that half the world is confined to using the Internet for work, ordering food, and staying abreast of the latest news, long loading times can mean an even greater sense of frustration for consumers. The same frustration applies to businesses on the other side of the supply chain whose sales are affected by slow loading times.

Qingyang Wang, LSU assistant professor of computer science and engineering, is working on a project to minimize online hiccups.  

Wang’s project aims to find out what causes a time delay in a multitiered online architecture, where different functions for a website or program exist in separate places connected by the cloud. 

According to Wang, one of the biggest challenges in cloud computing is how much data can be moved at once, which comes into play when different web functions must work together, such as e-commerce. 

\Wang says his research has shown that the main reason for web slowdowns comes from lots of short, tiny bottlenecks in the system. To remedy them, Wang is running large-scale experiments to explore what causes them and designing solutions to fix them. 

With 60% of enterprise applications being web-facing—such as eBay, Amazon and PayPal—Wang hopes to save companies time and money.

“Amazon reported that every 100 millisecond increase in the page load time correlates to a decrease in sales by 1 percent,” he said. Read the full feature on Wang’s work from LSU

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