LSU enrolls largest freshman class in its history

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LSU today announced its current freshman class is the largest and most diverse in its history, while also averaging the highest GPA and ACT score of any incoming class at the school. 

This year’s enrollment of 7,038 freshmen surpasses last year’s record of 6,690, and, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, overall enrollment at LSU is at an all-time high of 35,914.

LSU’s total enrollment comprises 28,764 undergraduates and 4,755 graduate and professional students, along with 2,395 LSU Online students—622 undergraduate and 1,733 graduate and professional.

Interim Executive Vice President and Provost Matt Lee says the enrollment growth is evidence LSU is offering in-demand, high-quality degree programs. 

The average GPA for the freshman class is 3.54, and the average ACT score increased to around 26. Class diversity is also at an all-time high. Black students comprise 18.8% of the freshman class, topping the 16.8% in the 2020 class. The percentage of Hispanic students in the class, at 9.5%, is also a record high, exceeding the 9.1% in the 2020 class. Students who identify as either American Indian, Black, Asian, Native Hawaiian, Hispanic, and two or more races account for more than 30% of the total freshman class this year. Additionally, 30.3% of the class is eligible for Pell Grants.

LSU’s enrollment growth goes against national enrollment trends, according to Forbes. Figures from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center show that overall college enrollment fell to 16.9 million students in spring 2021, down more than 600,000 students from spring 2020. That one-year decline of 3.5% was the largest spring semester enrollment decrease since 2011.