Louisiana native Sam Brocato launches hair-care line at Sephora 

Renowned hair stylist and Louisiana native Sam Brocato—the former owner and founder of Lockworks—has debuted a new product line called Together Beauty at Sephora, a global leader in the beauty retail market.

Together Beauty, a joint venture between Brocato and beauty incubator Maesa Group, is touted as a natural, high-performance line that will be part of the “Clean at Sephora” beauty category. The hair products launched on Sephora’s website Tuesday and will be available at select Sephora stores in coming months.  

Brocato, who owns two salons in New York City, says he and his wife, Holly Brocato, are thrilled to team up with a retail partner such as Sephora, which operates more than 2,500 stores worldwide, including a Baton Rouge location at the Mall of Louisiana.  

“Sephora is a global powerhouse of prestige beauty that is deeply committed to Together Beauty’s success and ethos of clean and naturally sourced ingredients,” Brocato says in an email to Daily Report. “This relationship with Sephora puts Together Beauty on a global stage.”

The line includes 15 products, which use combinations of natural ingredients, such as lavender, mongongo, chamomile, coconut and quinoa. 

“Together Beauty not only provides an uncomplicated approach to haircare, but its high-performance, non-toxic formulas are change-makers in the industry,” Artemis Patrick, chief merchandising officer at Sephora, says in a statement. 

Many in Baton Rouge are familiar with Brocato, who made a name for himself after launching Lockworks in 1976, which became known not only for its salons but also as a training ground for the top young stylists in the city at the time. Brocato sold the company to Paris Parker in 2001 and moved to New York that same year with his wife and two sons.

The well-known hair stylist has remained involved in Louisiana, though, twice mobilizing the beauty industry to support and rebuild areas hit by disasters—once after Hurricane Katrina and then again after the devastating August 2016 flood. 

Today Brocato and his family split time between New York and a home in Lafayette, where he says he hopes to end up one day in the not-so-distant future.

“I love Louisiana,” Brocato says. “When I had not a penny, everyone supported me, and we built a fantastic business there.” 

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