Lent-friendly dishes to try from Baton Rouge restaurants


Mardi Gras is over. You know what else that means—Lent has arrived. Living in south Louisiana we have it pretty easy. Our area has no shortage of some of the finest seafood in the country, and it helps make life easier for those trying to stick to a Lenten diet. We put together a list of some flavorful, delicious meatless dishes to satisfy a variety of cravings—including those moments when you just have to have a burger. Use this guide from 225 magazine to find Lenten dishes to try for the next 40 days. 


• Bougie Cado Toast at Leola’s Cafe—Avocado and an over-easy egg served on a warm piece of toast is a great way to start your morning.

• Crawfish and Grits at Ruby Slipper—Is there a better wake-up call than fried grits, poached eggs and crawfish? 

• Shrimp Diablo Omelet at Elsie’s Plate and Pie—Shrimp, havarti cheese and roasted red peppers are wrapped up in a fluffy, fresh omelet.

Lunch or dinner 

• Soft Shell Crab Bao at Chow Yum Phat—A mixture of juicy crab and slaw is served on three fluffy bao buns. 

• Camarones at Rio Tacos and Tequila—Juicy, sauteed shrimp with colorful vegetables over garlic and cilantro masa cakes and chimichurri sauce. This one is sure to warm you up these last few weeks of winter. 

• Makai Tuna Burger at Curbside—A fresh take on a hamburger, this Gulf tuna patty is topped with sriracha citrus slaw and chow mein noodles.

• Shrimp Vindaloo at India’s Restaurant—Jumbo shrimp and potatoes in a spicy curry sauce.

• Kanomjeen Namya at Thaihey Thai Food—This spicy coconut crab curry is served with noodles and vegetables. 

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