LASM names replacement for retiring Carol Gikas

LASM Baton Rouge

After a months-long national search, the Louisiana Art and Science Museum today announced it is hiring 15-year museum veteran Serena Pandos to serve as its next president and executive director starting early next year.

Pandos will move to Baton Rouge from McAllen, Texas, where she currently serves as president and executive director of the International Museum of Art and Science. Her experience there includes overseeing all aspects of the 50,000-square-foot museum’s art and science programs, education initiatives and fundraising efforts.

In all, Pandos brings more than 15 years of experience in museum leadership roles. Guiding the national search for Pandos was consultant Daniel Keegan of Museum Search & Reference—a firm in Manchester, New Hampshire, and Boston.

In 2017, LASM managed a roughly $2.4 million operating budget and attracted nearly 180,000 visitors, officials told Business Report in a feature about museum fundraising.

Pandos is replacing Carol Gikas, who will retire at the end of January after 39 years leading LASM. The new museum leader will begin her post on or before Feb. 1.

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