LABI releases statement assailing Biden’s vaccine mandate 

Companies that violate President Joe Biden’s call to ensure their employees are either vaccinated against COVID-19 or tested weekly could face fines of $13,600 per employee and another $136,000 for “willful violations.”

The mandate applies to companies with 100 or more employees and could affect about 350 Capital Region companies and nearly 56,000 employees, the Baton Rouge Area Chamber says. The Louisiana Association of Business and Industry has again released a statement against the policy. 

“These rules will place a massive amount of cost, confusion and liability on companies at a time where workers are in short supply, the supply chain is in chaos and Main Street is still recovering from the economic shutdown of 2020,” says Stephen Waguespack, LABI president and CEO, in a prepared statement released today.

The mandate is scheduled to go into effect Jan. 4, though it is being challenged on a number of fronts in the legal system. 

Waguespack says LABI encourages voluntary vaccination but argues the mandate is unconstitutional. You can read a summary of the main arguments for and against the policy’s legality here