IBM working to provide world’s most accurate weather forecasts

When IBM bought the Weather Company in 2016, it wasn’t clear what the long-term plan was for the acquisition, or how IBM would leverage the company’s specialties—dozens of forecasters, tens of thousands of personal weather stations and a website that drew millions of people.

This week, IBM parted the clouds on why it got into the weather business, The Washington Post reports.

Chief executive Ginni Rometty announced at the Consumer Technology Association’s CES conference that IBM will launch a forecast model this year, combining the trove of meteorological data from the Weather Company with the tech giant’s supercomputing power.

Given IBM’s technology prowess and the Weather Company’s data, the model could boast the best short-term forecasts in the world.

That’s what Peter Neilley is banking on, at least. Neilley, IBM’s senior vice president for global forecasting, said in an email that the model “will be the most accurate source of short-term (1-12 hours ahead) weather forecasts in places of the world” that are underserved by state-of-the-art weather modeling today. Read the full story.

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